7 Ways to Delight Your Customers


I am amazed today that so many companies are failing to “Delight their Customers”. Delight is a very pleasurable term. Think about it – can you actually say the word delight, and not smile? The American Heritage Dictionary defines delight as “to give great pleasure or enjoyment.” Shouldn’t your customers enjoy doing business with you? Wouldn’t you like to bring a smile to your customers’ faces by the mere thought of your company? How many companies actually delight their customers today? There is more to the sale than just acquiring the customer. If you plan to keep your customers and drive referrals, you need a lesson in delight. In one of my most recent workshops I asked participants which companies provided Delightful Service and the top 3 were Zappos, Nordstrom, and Chick -fil-A. What qualities do each of these companies possess that make them delightful?

According to Business Insider, Zappos actually sent one of their customers flowers because they’d ordered 6 different pairs of shoes. A key cornerstone to the way Chick-Fil-A does business, is their token saying, “My Pleasure.” This is just a little extra touch coined only by them to show their appreciation for your business. Nordstrom takes the retail experience to the next level with their customers by doing small things like walking around the counter to hand shopping bags to their customers instead of handing it across the counter and answering the phone in 1-2 rings.

How can you incorporate small things like this into your business to delight your customers? Here are seven Delightful actions that work with your customers.

Don’t take the relationship for granted.

You work hard for your customers so don’t take them for granted. Continue to grow and cultivate the relationship you nurtured from the beginning. Show them how much you appreciate them on a regular basis. Otherwise, some other company will. In the end, the separating factor between you and your competitors is not so much the product as it is the experience and the relationship you provide. Treasure that.

Contact customers when it’s not necessary.

You don’t have to wait until your customer has a problem or you need something to contact them. In fact, the times that you contact them when neither one of you needs anything are the most valuable in building the relationship. Reaching out to your customers shows them how much you value their business and the relationship

Let them know how much you like working with them.

Every customer likes to feel appreciated. Part of this is just letting them know how much you enjoy working with them. They may have been having a bad day or bad week, and just getting a call from you, letting them know how much you enjoy working with them may, in fact, make their day. You can also express this with something as simple as a handwritten note.

Ask them what you could do to make working with you easier.

You’d be surprised how many sales professionals fail to do this. It’s part of going the extra mile. Like I mentioned before, you don’t stop working once you acquire the customer. Always strive to make the relationship better. Part of this is surveying your customers so that you can improve.

Make suggestions for improving their operation.

Go above and beyond what you’ve been hired to do. Be observant and look for ways to make your customer’s life easier. If you see ways to improve their operation whether it involves your company or not, make the suggestion. They will appreciate your partnership all the more for it.

When something doesn’t go right, let them know what you will do about it.

Transparency is one of the greatest assets in a relationship. Communicate honestly with your customer on how you will handle challenges as they occur. By letting them know what you plan to do, you can ease their mind because they know they are in good hands with you.

Take every customer complaint seriously.

This goes without saying. Don’t neglect your customer. It doesn’t matter how small or minor the complaint may be, treat it preciously and let the customer know you are taking care of it. If you are able to gain their trust in the small things, they will trust you with much larger things.

Take some time to implement these small actions in your business and your company may be the next Zappos or Nordstrom.