Credit card machines with no contract… Is this possible? فوركس أون Are Business Sense the only Welsh company offering credit card machines without a contract?

We think so.

Contactless mobile card machine


A retailer owned terminal is certainly something that many businesses are starting to look at when choosing their terminal provider.
Historically most companies will advise you to lease a terminal from an acquiring bank or an ISO (independent sales organisation). The cost of the monthly rental differs with the type of terminal and the ISO involved. At the end of the term the card terminal will have to be given back to the ISO or lease provider.

There is another option; Buy the terminal outright, that way you get to own the terminal, you also have full UK based technical support, all for a fraction of the cost or monthly rental.

If you are looking to reduce your overhead costs then cutting the cost of your credit card machines by 50% is something that should be seriously looked at.

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