Essential business operating costs research request – Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Business finance

I am looking for help with regard to research I am conducting into cost savings on business operating services.
Let’s face it running a business has its daily challenges.
As soon as you open the door you start incurring costs, turning on all your equipment, lights, computers, tills etc.
You’ve then got to sell your products or services to make a profit, whether you go to the customer or the customer comes to you. Costs are incurred.
Are you tired of overpaying on your essential business operating costs?

What I would like to find out is, what business services would you like to reduce costs on so that your business cash flow will be improved considerably? e.g.

Card payment services
Epos systems
Fire protection
Business Rates

Are there any other services that you pay a third party organisation for that you would like to reduce costs on?

What services cause you the most headaches with poor customer service etc?

Would you pay a little more if there was added value for a service?

Your help would be greatly appreciated and treated in the strictest confidence.