Reducing business costs: A case study

الأموال المداره بالفوركس Case Study: Valley Tyre Service Pontypridd توصيات الذهب Summary

Business Sense aims to reduce the costs of running your business, and that is exactly what we did for Valley Tyre Service Pontypridd.
We offered Gareth the owner a free cost analysis with absolutely no obligations and the results saved his Business an extra £220 a month!

Valley-Tyre-Service سوق اسهم السعودية مباشر Challenge

Gareth had previously switched over his payment processing provider two years ago and was assured by a persuasive sales representative that he was getting a fantastic deal.
However, when we did our cost analysis on transaction fees we discovered that not only were these still high, but also his monthly terminal rental was £5 more than average. As Gareth still had two years lease to run on his current card terminal, we advised him to cancel his current acquiring bank agreement, and to continue with his current card terminal lease agreement but to not use it due to the early termination penalty charges.

الخيارات الثنائية هي عملية نصب واحتيال Conclusion

Based on our calculations Gareth decided to switch over to Business Sense for his card processing requirements and so Business Sense arranged for the switch over, thus causing no disruption to his business whatsoever. After carrying out the free cost analysis we were able to see that even after paying for two card terminals he was still saving an extra £220 a month! Gareth has now concluded the original lease agreement with his previous provider and is now saving a further £24 a month. This, in addition to his cheaper transaction charges amounts to a saving of £2928 pounds a year!

This is just one of the areas that Business Sense can help reduce the costs of running your business absolutely free of charge.


“Working with Business Sense has saved my company £220 per month on my card processing fees, I cannot recommend them highly enough”.


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