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Energy Management for Restaurants, Pubs and Cafe's

It’s no surprise that everyone is feeling the pinch and impact of of heavily rising energy prices for both residential as well as businesses and with further increases looming in the future. Both domestic and commercial energy costs are at an all-time high with the manufacturing industry being severely impacted. So, what can we do to alleviate the pressures and how can we better manage our energy requirements?

We’ll be discussing this very issue, the reasons for the sharp rise in energy costs, future impact as well as how Business Sense can help you better manage the spiralling energy costs for your business.

Why are energy costs rising?

Energy Saving & Management for Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes and Bars

Generally, it’s due to basic supply and demand in the global wholesale market with additional strain due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the various political and logistical games being played. Energy costs are rising at their quickest rate in 30 years, putting unprecedented pressure on households as well as businesses.

As expected, the increased costs are having a substantial effect on manufacturers and suppliers of catering goods, who subsequently, are making difficult decisions on how to not only manage but to survive, usually by passing these increases down the supply chain and onto consumers or taking a hit on margins. 

In an already competitive market, this, as you would imagine, has had a significant impact on the industry especially due to the fact that the various global contributing factors are completely out of our control.

How to Reduce Energy Consumption

Energy Efficiency and Management for Restaurants, Pubs, Bars and Cafes

Keeping fingers crossed for a milder Winter and an extended Summer is most definitely not a long-term strategy. Energy consumption is generally a large part of the process for the vast majority of those in the catering and hospitality industry if not all restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs.

Curtailing inefficient practices, such as leaving lights on in unoccupied areas and running equipment only when required, can only take us so far and are not new to the industry in general in any case. Tens of thousands of businesses and organisations are already following general guidelines and may also have energy policies in place which helps to continuously reduce energy consumption. 

Reducing the impact on the environment also tends to go hand-in-hand with improving energy performance by reducing the energy footprint working towards greener credentials. 

We also understand that it’s by no means an easy task to pinpoint areas where efficiencies in energy consumption can be made. A good starting point is always measuring and benchmarking a site’s energy consumption, however, this alone doesn’t generally provide relevant insights into unexploited energy potential or reducing energy use.

The impact of Energy Efficiency for Catering/Hospitality and Cost Savings

Gaining efficiencies in the general running of pubs, restaurants, cafes and bars as well as cost savings have been a focus for business owners’ continuous improvement and lean operating programmes for a while now.

Business Sense’s insights and monitoring methodology provide a thorough insight into not only operational activities but can include monitoring of essential equipment and other machinery, releasing capacity where relevant and reducing wastage across the board.

Understanding and reporting on these key efficiency indicators (KEIs) in real-time can positively influence the optimisation of energy management, allowing you to make crucial and in some cases, business-critical savings. 

The combination of ‘cost factors’ and efficiency metrics into a more visual system, provides both relatable and influential key indicators to operators and management, generating real-time energy insight! Allowing the focusing of efforts on where energy efficiencies or inefficiencies are having the most impact, arming you with the data to implement transformational change.

If you would like to learn more about managing the impact of the ever-increasing cost of energy through insights, monitoring and efficiency gains, just get in touch for a FREE energy consultation TODAY!