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Business Sense Partner Programme

Helping you and your clients SAVE money!

Enrollment into our partner programme is completely FREE to both you and your clients. In fact, we pay you to work with us!

Quite simply, we can save businesses and more importantly your client’s money. Quite often a lot of money.

We do this by carrying out a 100% FREE, no-obligation consultation to gain an understanding of your client’s business so that we can provide cost-saving advice where appropriate, along with a comprehensive cost analysis review against current business costs.

This could either be an overview from yourselves or directly with your client.


Robert Groom Business Sense
Robert Groom, MD, Business Sense

I set up Business Sense in 2012  We are a business services cost consultancy and wholesale supplier of merchant services, credit card machines, ecommerce, epos systems and commercial energy to new and existing businesses UK wide.

Our route to market is via a selective network of business referrers through our partner programme.

Many business owners that we speak to are quite often naïve regarding some of the charges on their bills and often miss invoicing errors which are very common, and accepting it as the norm.

We are able to provide your clients with our preferential wholesale rates which could enable your clients to significantly reduce some of their costliest business overhead rates.

Even if your client thinks they have good rates, that’s quite often not the case. In business, it’s always wise to keep control of costs. They can easily spiral out of control.

That’s what my business is based on and that’s what we do best.

All this is carried out with exceptional customer service alongside informative business cost-saving advice and in particular, strong attention to detail.

Our small team all have a decent moral compass and we carry out our work efficiently, with diligence and with integrity.

E.g. We strongly advised one of our largest energy clients to agree new supply contracts 18 months ahead of the contract end date. Their MD agreed and the result was a massive saving of £624,000! against current energy costs.

We also recently produced an analysis report showing monthly savings of circa £350 for a retail outlet after reviewing their merchant services costs.

If this were your client and given the alarming cost of business energy currently, this £350 worth of savings could be ploughed back into your client’s business to help with the increased energy costs.


Beginning with an initial free no-obligation consultation and a comprehensive review of your client’s services contract costs to identify possible savings and any invoice errors. Once complete, we then send across a clear transparent summary of the findings we uncover free of charge.

If there are savings to be made then we’ll share this with you and your clients or alternatively if their current rates are competitive we’ll notify you both as well.

Following the review, should any of your clients decide to switch to our services and receive preferential rates and great customer service that’s great, if not, then that’s fine as well.

Either way it’s a win-win for you and your client as their business costs can be reduced, or at least they can relax knowing that their existing costs are competitive. For you, you are offering a valuable additional business advisory service free of charge.

You could say that we are a valuable resource to aid in client retention.

We value our clients and business partners, always carry out our work with diligence and integrity and place your client’s best interests before profit at all times.


This is what one of our referral partners says about us…

“I first met Rob when he called into one of my client’s shops to introduce himself & to explain how Business Sense could help in cutting certain costs. He left his card & left me to check on end dates for their various contracts. There was no ‘pushy’ follow-up sales call (which was a pleasant surprise), so when my client’s gas & electric accounts were up for renewal I gave Rob a call (ignoring the ‘pushy’ sales people that kept ringing!) I have been really impressed with the service received, it completely took the ‘stresses away from having to ring round to find competitive rates & negotiate new contracts. Quotes were provided in a straightforward & easy to understand way & Rob was easy to get hold of if we had any queries. He has since arranged a new contract for their card terminal with a considerable savings & oversaw the seamless transition to the new card machine.

I would highly recommend his services & will definitely use him again as & when the need arises.”

That was back in 2014 and we continue to help Sam’s clients to this day.

Samantha Hislop
Abacus Bookkeeping


If after discussions, you feel this programme is right for you, I would be able to offer you a choice of either an upfront fee plus a % of ongoing revenue paid monthly, or a flat upfront fee of the revenue generated with each new contract successfully placed and money saved for your client.

We will issue you a report on a monthly basis with all revenue due from us transparently shown.

Alternatively, if you prefer, we could pass on this revenue to your clients through a further rate reduction. It’s entirely up to you how you choose to work with us to reduce client overhead costs.

I hope you find this proposal interesting and mutually beneficial – and should you wish to discuss the referral partner program further and explore how we can help some of your clients, I would be more than happy to run through revenue forecasts and explain the simplicity of it all with you over a telephone or video call.

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